Watermelon, Yogurt, and Granola

I love getting my kids involved in the kitchen. This recipe makes little mess and is a lot of fun to make! It is also SOOOO delicious and nutritious. Let me know what you and your kids think in the comments below. Happy snacking 🙂


• 1 slice of seedless watermelon

• 1/4 cup of your favorite yogurt

• Handful of my Top 8 Allergen Free Granola (under Snacks tab)

• Drizzle of honey


1. Place a slice of watermelon on a cutting board and cut out a shape using your favorite cookie cutter. If you don’t have a cookie cutter, use the top of a small glass to make a circle.

2. Lay the watermelon slice on a plate and place the cut-out shape beside it. Fill the cut out with yogurt and sprinkle the granola all over the watermelon, yogurt, and plate. Drizzle with honey and serve!

Serves 1

Easy peasy. Enjoy! xoxo


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