Potato Frittata

I was with one of my super talented and super mom friends yesterday and she was telling me all about the frittatas that she makes for her kids for breakfasts. It sounded so easy, healthy and delicious that I had to give it a try! She dropped off some more fresh herbs and vegetables from her garden today and I got right into the kitchen. This recipe is so easy and it’s very easy to change up and make your own. Just swap in any veggies or cheese you like!


• 1 potato

• Veggies – 1/2 onion thinly sliced, 1 1/2 cups of mushrooms, 2 handfuls of spinach and 1 cup cherry tomatoes halved

• 8 eggs beaten with 1/4 cup milk

• Cheese – 3/4 cup feta cheese and a handful of shaved parmesan

Staples: drizzle of olive oil, 1/2 tsp minced garlic, fresh or dried basil and parsley and salt and pepper to season


Preheat oven to 400 degrees

1. Slice potato into 1/4″ rounds. Place on an oven safe tray lined with parchment paper. Drizzle with olive oil and season with salt and pepper. Bake for 20 min.

2. Drizzle olive oil into an oven safe skillet and heat to medium. Sauté onions until translucent. Add mushrooms and continue to cook until golden brown. Add spinach and sauté until wilted.

3. Pour half of the egg mixture into the pan to cover vegetables. When the potatoes are ready line on top of the eggs. Add the rest of the egg mixture to cover the potatoes. Place the cherry tomatoes all over the top and then sprinkle with feta cheese.

4. Place the skillet into the oven and bake for 30 minutes. Remove and sprinkle with basil and parsley and top with parmesan shavings. Slice and serve.

Serves 4-6

Easy peasy. Enjoy! xoxo



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  1. Looks delectable! So tasty ^_^


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