Banana Matcha Frozen Yogurt Bites

No spoon required for this delicious treat. You all know our obsession with Matcha! Not only for the taste but for it’s incredible health benefits. Finding creative ways to incorporate matcha powder into recipes has been a lot of fun! I hope you enjoy these little delights.


• 3 heaping cups of vanilla frozen yogurt (store bought)

• 1 tbsp matcha powder

• 1 ripe banana

• 1-2 gluten free lady fingers (crumbled) for topping

Staples: Spices – 1/2 tsp ground cinnamon


Line muffin tin with paper cups

1. Mash banana with a fork in a small bowl (try to get rid of all lumps)

2. In a separate large bowl let frozen yogurt melt slightly and stir so it becomes creamy. Add Matcha powder and continue stirring until the powder is evenly distributed in the yogurt.

3. Add cinnamon and banana and stir.

4. Evenly fill muffin cups with mixture and top with crumbled ladyfingers.

5. Place tin in freezer until ice cream hardens. About 1 hour.


Easy peasy. Enjoy! xoxo

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